Submit Times

    To submit times, all coaches must first register as a user.
  • You will make your own password instead of waiting for a new password each year.

  • Your password will stay with you from year to year.

  • Once you are registered, you can then submit times to the website.

  • You will always be able to view times that you have posted to the website.

  • To view all of the times posted, you must be a WISCA member. I will be confirming those registered users as members once you have created your account. All accounts will be moved to non member status in July of each year.

User Registration

    1. You must send proof of the time to Jeff Lowell within ONE WEEK of the meet.
    2. Please email the complete varsity results of the meet at which the state time occured.

    • a. Coaches must email complete meet results with score in pdf format to Jeff at

    • 3. Jeff will post these meet results onto the website in the league results tab.
      • a. This will be your confirmation that the time has been accepted and can be used to qualify for the state meet.